Where have you been Amber?

"Hey Amber, where have you been, man?", asks noone. "Oh, just over here, busy making a fucking difference", I retort. I am not really that confrontational or witty in reality. But it's sort of true. (A lovely friend actually just gifted me these socks. So on point. No this is not me- it's bizarro Amber,... Continue Reading →


When life gives you apples.. make cider vinegar.

Steve's brother rents an adorable little house in a hippie hamlet, complete with a small orchard. I shower him with food whenever I can- there's something really rewarding about feeding a single person, especially if they are ultra grateful! He showered me with a bounty of small green apples last week- too sour to eat,... Continue Reading →

Ref Question of the Week

One of my favourite parts of working in a public library is the unpredictable nature of the job. When a patron or visitor approaches the desk, you have no god damn idea what they're going to ask you for, and I love that. It makes me feel like an analogue Google... although I usually use... Continue Reading →

Muffins are just smart cupcakes

I really dig cooking, which is handy for a bunch of reasons: I also really like to eat; we minimise food costs while eating better than ever; it's a hobby that pleases my mind and my stomach; I have a bit of control over what goes in my daughters' mouths- when they choose to eat... Continue Reading →

It’s time for a story!

Our wonderful Storytime aficionado retired at the end of 2017, and I have enthusiastically put my hand up to take over. It means more work and more hours away from my lovely girls, but it's really important to me that early childhood educators are motivated and psyched to be there. I've subbed in for Storytime... Continue Reading →

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