Muffins are just smart cupcakes

I really dig cooking, which is handy for a bunch of reasons:

  • I also really like to eat;
  • we minimise food costs while eating better than ever;
  • it’s a hobby that pleases my mind and my stomach;
  • I have a bit of control over what goes in my daughters’ mouths- when they choose to eat it, that is…

I’d love to say that I am an avid meal planner, but I’m not- I keep trying, but it just feels too rigid for us at the moment. I do like to cook in bulk, so meal prep can be streamlined when I’m just grabbing something pre-made out of the freezer and claiming victory at dinnertime.

I’m also an open recipe book- I’m more than happy to share my favourite recipes with whoever asks, and if they don’t ask, well, they get sent a link anyway because that lemon sour cream cake deserves to LIVE!

Makes sense to continue the forcible recipe sharing here.

This morning I confidently planned to sneak back to bed once the girls had breakfast. And a show. And a series of activities. But once I was up with coffee in hand, I spied a bunch of elderly bananas… so I made a double batch of these deluxe maple-sweetened banana muffins for the freezer.

Since I force my folks to bring litres of discount Costco maple syrup over every time they visit, it’s still a cheap recipe. Like honestly, don’t come unless you bring that syrup. I used cream instead of milk to make it lush and also use the cream before it expires, and I chucked in some shredded coconut last minute. I had planned to add chopped walnuts, but they’re so expensive that I couldn’t do it… I’ll save them for the vegetarian sausage rolls that I keep cooking ‘for the kids’.

I also whacked a double batch of this spicy African-style sprouted lentil dip together so that Steve’d have something nourishing, easy to eat, but really bloody tasty for lunch. I only started sprouting lentils a couple of months ago after reading the gorgeous ‘Grown and Gathered‘*-I had some brown lentils in the pantry, gave it a go and holy crap those suckers are good! And easy. And cheap. The Peasant Librarian trifecta!

So my sneaky sleep-in turned into 30 muffins and a kilo of lentil dip.

Do I regret it?

Of course I do.

Sleep is everything.

If sleep was on the shelves at Coles and I didn’t have enough cash, I’d literally shoplift that shit and feel no mercy.


*If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favour- it’s a visual and mental feast; a stunning journey into modern simple living; simultaneously inspiring and ego-deflating. No, I don’t roll my own oats or live a 95% locally seasonal diet- but shit I wish we did. They also unmasked the mystery and hipsteriness of cold brew coffee for me, and now it’s a summer staple for us!


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